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Prima Global Logistics provides leading edge logistics solutions underpinned by a unique approach to doing business: we tailor our business to fit yours. We will integrate with your operation and evolve as your circumstances change.

Our strength lies in the capability of our people and our ability to react quickly in partnership with our customers. We take time to understand your business and organise ourselves around your requirements. Our reputation as an innovative, solutions-oriented company has evolved from years of service to a diverse set of customers. Adding value to our customers businesses is the foundation of what we do and is what has placed us at the forefront of our industry. We call it logistics without limits.

Sea Freight  

To Prima Global Logistics successful Sea Transport depends on various factors. We strive hard to meet each of the factors and provide our customers with the best possible service. Our services go beyond the mere transportation activities and are much more than forwarding shipment from a warehouse to the consignee. We offer flexible, cost effective, customer oriented Sea Transport solutions.

Our Customized pricing of Sea Transport is a major attraction and the concept of one-size-fits-all doesn't apply here. Every single booking of Sea transport has its own pricing structure according to the size and need of the customer. This also depends on different shipment commodities and shipment regions. Our receptive Customer Service teams with expert personnel provide round the clock service to our customers. Our established transportation network assures that the customers receive their goods in secure condition and on time. We move our Sea Transport through trusted and proven partnerships and follow the goods closely till it reaches the destination.

Receptive multiple service options is another of our star feature. Instead of depending on one single freight haulers, we deal with multiple trusted alliances that the shipment can be transported quickly in case of any unpredicted situation. We are flexible enough to move the shipments efficiently across the world with these trusted partners.

We assist our shippers in the post shipment documentation, documents transfer, order follow-up, temporary warehousing, marking, numbering, insurance brokerage etc. In short we ensure that the exporter concentrates exclusively on producing quality products. We strive to provide him with a high degree of service which will go a long way in enhancing the quality of his product.

Air Freight  

Our Air transport solutions don't stop at transport but go beyond conventional offerings from air freight forwarders. Our flexibility and personalized services makes our Air transport customer friendly. Thanks to our wide networking, we are able to reach a wide gamut of locations any where across the globe. Our out-of-box innovative thinking makes us updated enough to air transport your consignments to any remote location.

Our personalized Air transport services, lets you to have a cost effective solution to freight forward your goods. We take extra care and meticulousness to transport your goods and comply with all the aviation and safety regulations, having expert knowledge of customs regulations, and a maintaining worldwide expertise of import/export restrictions. Our air freight service handles consignment of any size and shape.

Our network of international air transportation allows as handling with a range of international logistics issues easily. This ensures that the consignment moves without delay from end to end. Also the government regulations across which the batch is forwarded is also assiduously complied with and we take care of the shipping documentation like Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Shipper Export Declaration filing etc. We assist our air forwarders in the post shipment documentation, documents transfer, order follow-up, temporary warehousing, marking, numbering insurance brokerage etc.

  The scale of our infrastructure provides the operational and commercial flexibility to react to your changing business needs. In Multi-Customer sites overheads are shared and flexible resources can move from contract to contract smoothing demand peaks whilst maintaining vital individual product and contract knowledge.

Shifting With You Many of our operations are 24/7 with complex multiple shift patterns, and support the intricate and time-critical demands of manufacturing environments. Aside from the core warehousing activities of receipt, handling, picking, packing and dispatch, we also operate a range of value added services.


We are a company that can adapt to suit any needs to provide a fast, efficient service that other companies simply cannot match.

Everything we do is all about you and your business. Our team of professionals work with you, on a one to one basis, to tailor make the transport services we offer to suit your exact requirements.

project Cargo  

Project Cargo service of Prima Global Logistics is a dedicated field of freight forwarding, that requires immense skill, understanding, and expertise. We provide heavy lift and oversized cargo handling services end to end, across the globe. Efficient service is offered irrespective of the shipping and delivery point of the consignment. A combination of multimodal transport is used and efficient time management is practiced. A network of road and rail beds, heavy duty mobile cranes and lift vessels are at our personal use for international and national services.

Our established network of partners has been built up over years and each one of them is trusted and secure. They provide the same skill set of superior service and competitiveness as that of ours. Project Cargo is a special operation we have customized for the specific needs of some of our Customers.

Kindly refer to activities and you are welcome to respond with your specific queries. We will respond back with maximum details based on the information you provide.

Barge and tugboat  

Barge and tugboat services are required for many different reasons. Most tug companies use this equipment to transport materials, rescue damaged vessels, fire fighting, etc. Tugboats come in two different types, inland and ocean going. The tugboat is designed to fit into a notch within the barge. This allows the tug to either push or pull the barge and transport materials along waterways. By using a tug and barge, a business owner can transport their supplies and equipment more efficiently.

If you need the services of a barge or tugboat, there are several different aspects of barge and tugboat services that you will want to think about, such as:

1. Barge service and tugboat charter can be used for occasional service;

2. Barge transportation and tugboat builders can construct a barge and tugboat system designed around your business needs; and

3. Tugboat companies and barges for sale either new or used. By purchasing a tug and barge your company has use of it whenever the need arises.


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